Automotive Functional Safety and Cyber Security Validation Framework

COLUMBUS, Ind., May 16, 2018 /PRNewswire/ –LHP Engineering Solutions, an engineering services provider and technology integrator has brought together National Instruments, PTC, and AASA’s LiFi subsidiary, 01LightComm, to create a framework for an NI-Based Functional Safety and Cyber Security Validation Platform.  The demonstration addresses the universal automotive principles of Functional Safety violations resulting from Cyber Security compromises. The impactful automotive demonstration leverages the existing technology available in today’s market, introduces LiFi as a viable V2X communication option, and addresses the specific automotive Functional Safety risks in a Cyber Security realm.

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AASA introduces for new Li-Fi solutions at CES 2018

We are excited to announce that we introduced our cutting-edge technology of Visible Light Communication (VLC) products at the CES 2018 and we received a lot of interests from telecommunications, retails, broadband and robotic/drone and virtual and augmented reality companies. We showcased our ready to market products in two innovative solutions based on VLC (for more details, please review the attached brochures):
  • Indoor Positioning and Navigation System based on Visible Light Positioning (VLP)
  • VLP enabled Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
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