Li-Fi Solutions

Imagine a world where any lightbulb could be used an access point to the Internet, provide accurate indoor positioning, deliver location-based information, or help connected vehicles communicate. This world is possible with Li-Fi.

Light Positioning is the implementation of Indoor Positioning System through the use of Light Communication. Our solution offers real time 3D pointing with potentially up to 1mm accuracy.
SpotLiFi is a Light Communication enabled location-based spotlight that provides information, guidance or advertisement in the format of audio, video, pictures or text through a mobile device with Optical Camera Communication technology.
Light Fidelity or Li-Fi Internet Access Point is a bidirectional, high-speed, secure and fully networked communication access point that utilizes LED to transmit data.
Underwater optical wireless communication uses collimated laser diode or blue/green LED. This solution provides >1 Gbps speed over the distance range of tens of meters.
Therefore, it is vital to develop an energy-efficient high-speed underwater optical wireless communication (UOWC) systems that are robust towards the fading effects.
Li-Fi IoT/IIoT solution resolves interoperability challenges of connection for IoT systems and provides a robust, secure and EMI free wireless communication.
Our Li-Fi V2X demonstrate how vehicle’s collected data is being transferred to other Vehicles or Infrastructures through modulating vehicle’s headlights and taillights.
Li-Fi NFC can use any smartphone with no additional hardware required. It replaces RF NFC in popular short-range communication applications such as contactless payment and devices pairing.

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