What is ERM?

Electronic Records Management (ER) software

is a program, or a set of programs, used by organizations to manage documents and records throughout the document life-cycle , from creation to destruction. This typically involves retention (and protection from change), until some events occur which relate to the record and which trigger the final disposition schedule to apply to the record. Eventually, typically at a set time after these events, the record undergoes destruction.

AASA’s Electronic Record Management solution offers a simplified and standardized records retention schedules that is compliant with Presidential Directives such as M-19-21 and NARA Strategic Plan.

The solution features capture, classify, recall, redact, produce, and disposition of the subject records including e-mails and documents archiving, auto-categorization, litigation hold definition and application, and FOIA requests (among other features) in an electronic format that is certified by the DOD 5015.02 and Secure Cloud Ready (IL-62).

As part of our commitments to improvements in the ERM space, AASA is member of the GSA ERM Acquisition Working Group which includes NARA and other representatives from various Federal agencies, as well as industry representation. The focus of the Working Group is on improved acquisition for ERM services and solutions under GSA ERM SIN (and related SINs), industry and government exchange of how-best to resolve pain-points surrounding ERM procurement, sharing lessons learned and best practices along the way between government and the industry.

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